Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Message to Donald Trump

President-elect Donald Trump, you have offered what you think is a healing message on Thanksgiving, declaring that we should “begin to heal our divisions,” while acknowledging that this can’t happen “overnight.”  
However, your efforts at healing would be almost comical if they weren’t so deeply cynical and disingenuous, and so blithely dismissive of the consequences of your campaign and election.  Your call for national healing removes responsibility from yourself and your campaign, and disseminates it widely, allowing you to dodge all personal responsibility, one of the consistent features of your life in politics and business.
You spent the last fifteen months launching vicious, demeaning, dehumanizing attacks on Americans on the basis of their race, religion, nationality, gender, and sexuality.  
You spent the last fifteen months advocating war crimes and crimes against humanity.
You spent the last fifteen months promising to strip rights from people on the basis of their religion.  Your running mate would like to strip rights from people on the basis of their sexuality.  You repeatedly questioned whether other Americans can serve as full citizens depending on their race.
President-elect Donald Trump, you won the support of grotesque white supremacists and white nationalists, neo-fascists and anti-Semites.  You might not have openly asked for their support, and you might think he can “disavow” that now, but they heard your shrill dog-whistle, and there is a reason that these groups, who do not normally support candidates from mainstream parties, saw their savior in you.
Your cabinet nominees so far illustrate no remorse and no recognition of the damage you have done to our country.  Filling your administration’s ranks with racists and anti-Semites sends a very different message from your superficial and insulting Thanksgiving message.
You spent the last fifteen months building and running a campaign designed to tear our country apart and make huge numbers of people in our national community fear for their safety, security, well-being, and future.  You can’t walk away from that by seeming to say, ‘let’s heal, get over it, I don’t have anything with these people.’
You have resurrected and empowered dangerous emissaries from the darkest and most violent eras of our nation’s history and our world’s history.  You should understand how Americans feel when they hear the chants of “Heil Trump!”, the nazi salutes, the anti-Semitism, the slurs against black and Latino citizens, and the cries of “Take our country back” that accompany these symbolic and violent gestures.
Until you make profound amends for your hateful rhetoric, violent policy proposals, terrifying appointments, corrupt dealings, and abjectly ignorant and destructive pronouncements, none of which you have repudiated or expressed any meaningful remorse for, there can be no healing.  

In 15 months, you and your associates (admitted or otherwise) have done untold damage to our country, and have no business suggesting that the rest of us do the work of healing.  This Thanksgiving and every day that you don’t come to terms with what you have done to our country, Donald Trump, you can get stuffed.  


  1. Every word of this is true. I mourn for our country plunged into fascism.

  2. There is a moment between sleeping and waking when I feel completely calm believing all is well. Then I open my eyes and realize I'm living in a nightmare. I love my country, family, friends, neighbors, and hold no ill will towards anyone. Trump does not share my goodwill and as a textbook narcissist feels no remorse or guilt. During the course of my lifetime many people have been elected President whom I did not support but all have, in their own way, understood the awesome responsibility as well as a dignified honor inherent in so lofty a position. Trump has no such understanding and treats the Presidency like an episode of the Apprentice as well as a belief that his followers and sicophants pledge their loyalty to him alone. He is no public servant. His actions pre and post election are apocalyptic serving to disintegrate the foundations of a democratic society and shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If the Electors choose to confirm him as President it will be up to Congress to remove him from office and bring some sense of sanity, honor, and genuine leadership to the nation's highest office.