Sunday, November 20, 2016

Senators, Oppose Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor

Islamophobe Michael Flynn
I just wrote the following to my Senator, asking him to oppose Donald Trump's nominee to serve as National Security Advisor. If you are troubled by the character of this and other appointees, I would encourage you to write to your senators and ask them to vote against confirming these nominees. In the case of the national security advisor, there is no senate confirmation. But senators could still weigh in.
Dear Senator Heller,
I am writing to express my strong opposition to President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Lt General Michael Flynn to the post of National Security Advisor.
I think a combination of irresponsible views and associations, and a basic lack of integrity and consistency, would make Flynn a dangerous agent in the White House, and a poor advisor to an administration which already possesses an uninformed and toxic worldview.
In addition to his troubling affinity with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and his consulting firm’s close links to an increasingly authoritarian government in Turkey, Flynn has articulated his vision for a world order defined by fear of our country.  
I assume you share my dismay at the idea that the United States should conjure up fear and subservience in other people and countries around the world, and that you also recognize how fear of our designs and imperial power helped to create in the first place the power base and rationale of the international terrorist organizations which now make our world less safe.
In Lt General Flynn’s alternative universe, we should arm Syrian rebels willy nilly and fuel the fire of civil war as we did in the aftermath of our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Having tracked Flynn’s statements over the past year or more, I have seen him offer entirely contradictory assessments of the origins and antidotes to conflict in various parts of the world, depending on his growing proximity to the Trump campaign.  His increasing proximity to a president-elect who has pledged to commit war crimes has also seen Flynn express conditional support for torture, the murder of civilian non-combatants, and other war crimes and crimes against humanity which he previously opposed.
A man who revises his opinions on such fundamental matters with such regularity can hardly be trusted to offer sound advice or push back if our president-elect asks the military or intelligence services to engage in illegal and immoral activities.  
Finally, Lt General Flynn is openly Islamophobic.  He has stoked public fears of Islam and of Muslim Americans by arguing that “fear of Muslims is rational.”  He has also described Islam as a “political ideoogy” and a “cancer.”
Presumably, Senator Heller, you do not share Flynn’s comfort with characterizing the religion of around a quarter of the world’s population in this way, or with tarring its adherents.  And you presumably recognize the deadly peril you would create for American Muslims by legitimizing this hateful and ignorant rhetoric through supporting Flynn’s nomination.
I urge you to do everything in your power to oppose the nomination of an inconsistent, morally quiescent Islamophobe with dangerous ties and outlandish ideas.  Can  you reassure me and other Nevadans that you will oppose Lt General Flynn’s nomination?
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your prompt reply.
Jeff Schauer
Las Vegas, NV

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