Friday, November 18, 2016

Senators, Oppose Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Senator Jeff Sessions (credit: Gage Skidmore)
The following is the text of a letter I sent to Nevada Dean Heller, asking him to vote against Donald Trump’s nominee for the post of Attorney General
Dear Senator Heller,
I write to request that you use all of your influence and voice in the United States Senate to oppose the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to the position of Attorney General.
As you may know, Senator Sessions’ nomination to a federal judgeship was rejected by your Republican colleagues because he had a history of demeaning civil rights organizations, referring to activities that have brought justice and civil liberties to our fellow citizens as “un-American” and “Communist inspired.”  Senator Sessions has made a range of racist comments, and has spoken critically of the Voting Rights Act.  
The need for that crucial piece of civil liberties legislation has been made very clear by recent efforts in southern states to make access to voting more difficult.  This stands in clear contrast to what is in many ways a model electoral framework here in Nevada, built through collaboration between Republicans and Democrats.
Senator Sessions has also been a strong opponent of immigration reform.  As a Latino, a Nevadan, and an American, I see respect and support for migrants as part of your duties as senators and a core responsibility of the federal government.
These statements and positions demonstrate that Senator Sessions is unfit for the post of Attorney General.  President-Elect Donald Trump pledged to begin the work of healing the nation badly damaged by his divisive and racist campaign.  His nomination of Senator Sessions demonstrates that his commitment is thus far deeply insincere, and I think that the rejection of this nomination by you and your senate colleagues, across party lines, could send him a reminder of the pledge he made to the American people.
Can you please indicate in your reply whether you plan to reject the nomination of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to the position of Attorney General?
Many thanks for your attention to this message, and I look forward to your reply.
Jeff Schauer
Las Vegas, NV  

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