Monday, November 3, 2014

The GOP is Gunning for our Democracy

Mitch McConnell and his party are gunning for our democracy. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
It’s a carefully calculated appeal to voters who might just be suckers enough to believe that putting both houses of Congress in the hands of a single party would mean an end to gridlock.  Such a supposition makes several assumptions, the core one being that the electorate is comprised of people who have been asleep for the past six years.
It also assumes that voters have not listened to a word McConnell has said during his inglorious, and frankly downright treacherous tenure. 
It is no coincidence that from that gridlock arises a winner-take-all economic climate in which big banks, polluters, the super-wealthy, and the would-be masters of our political system all benefit.
It took Jon Stewart, the comedian, to remind us that McConnell is “the man who personally stood up at a Republican retreat at the Library of Congress, right before Obama’s 2009 inauguration and said ‘there are enough of us to block the Democratic agenda—as long as we all walk in lockstep.  As long as Republicans refused to follow his lead, Americans would see partisan food fights and conclude that Obama had failed to produce change”.
That’s as open a statement as you could want of the GOP’s strategy.  And yet they are campaigning on the idea that if we give them control of both houses of Congress, that gridlock will magically vanish. 
Republicans aren’t stopping with sabotage.  They are attempting to rig elections through introducing unconscionable barriers to a process that is supposed to be a civic right and duty, something that defines a person’s membership in our nation and our society.
Chris Christie has openly called for Republicans to seize control of “voting mechanisms” and attacked voter registration as an “obstacle” to Republicans.  Other Republicans have attacked early voting, and expressed concern that large numbers of black voters might be able to turn out at the polls.  Others have called for voting to be based on property ownership.  And Tom Perkins, a capitalist who has done well under the GOP’s trickle-down economics, claimed that critics of him and of the super-rich are like Nazis in 1930s Germany, also opining that wealthier Americans should get more votes. 
Republican party leaders are no longer even attempting to hide what their party is about: the evisceration of our democracy through the enshrinement of a plutocracy and the disenfranchisement of the actual citizens of our country.  But if the pundits are right, tomorrow they might take a significant step towards the erosion of our democracy, with the assistance of the public they are working against. 

It’s a chilling thought.

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