Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two Good Articles on Politics and Money

I don’t normally do short posts, but here are two recent articles from the Washington Post that I think are worth reading.
One details the extent of the Koch Empire’s political network has permeated our politics and is subverting the design of our democracy.  One wonders why the two billionaires, if they feel so strongly that we should construct a society with inequality so deeply embedded at its heart, are so keen to hide their influence.  They clearly recognise that what they are doing is dangerous and wrong. 
The other is an op-ed which makes a reasoned argument about why the resurgence of the left in the United States is a good thing for our democracy.  The author, E J Dionne, notes how an unchecked political right has, in recent years, entirely reconfigured the political map.  The proponents of those right-wing ideas have got away with arguing that a conservative program like the Affordable Care Act is somehow “left-wing” or even “socialist”. 
The articles are worth reading because everyone would benefit from a strong public sector providing education, healthcare, social security, and a clean, safe environment.  A society possessed of such attributes would be far healthier than the chronically unequal, structurally undemocratic, and serially predatory political-economy which exists in the United States today.  

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