Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Students Do Senators' Jobs on Syria

I’ve ranted elsewhere about the abject failure of California’s Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to execute their duties and live up to their responsibilities to their constituents on the issue of U.S. intervention in Syria.  Both Senators rushed to support the President before they even knew his objectives or methods, and have failed to ask basic questions about the premises of the proposed war.

Fortunately, members of the public are stepping forward to do the Senators’ jobs for them.  Yesterday on UC Berkeley’s campus for example, several students questioned the logic behind war in an effort to drum up support for a larger anti-intervention demonstration on Tuesday.  
They were challenging what they call the “Obama Binary”.  That is, the administration’s contention that anyone who doesn’t want war is an isolationist; that if you’re not for military intervention, you’re for Assad; and that only people who want to  bomb Syria’s citizens can care about them.
It is encouraging that people are willing to speak out against this ill-judged intervention.  But it’s sad that they have to do what our representatives are by and large failing to do, and that to a large degree the media has been buying the administration’s dishonesty about the world’s options in Syria.

Let us hope that the public’s questions can illuminate the black box that is the administration’s thinking, and that they can do so in time to stop the rush to violence. 
Fiat lux.

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