Monday, January 28, 2013

The GOP's Benghazi Agenda

Here is an interesting and revealing piece illustrating the GOP’s cynical approach to the killings in Benghazi, written by someone with a substantive grasp of the history and contemporary politics of North Africa and the Middle East.  Rather than focussing on lessons to be learnt or on the flaws with U.S. military and intelligence policy that might be corrected, GOP Congressmen and –women are focussing intently on a single event, misconstruing its significance, making up details about its perpetrators, conflating actors and agents, and using their manipulation of facts and events to smear people they don’t like for party political purposes.

Set your views of Hillary Clinton aside (I’m no fan, but pinning Benghazi on her seems moronic and unproductive), and think about what the GOP approach to evidence, security, and the public interest says about their role in modern U.S. society.

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