Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Call by the Sacramento Bee: No on Prop 31

It’s official.  You don’t have to take your agitated blogger’s word for it.  The Sacramento Bee has come out firmly against Proposition 31, the undemocratic and inadequate reform initiative on the fall ballot.

The Bee calls Prop 31 “well-intended but flawed”, warning against the “excessive power” the measure would hand to the governor (he could cut into the budget without consultation), the Pay-As-You-Go component which addresses only the legislative end of spending, overlooking the crucial voter-mandated projects, and the madcap brand of localism that its “regional collaborative plan” proposes. 

The Bee also cites the concerns of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (a concern echoed widely elsewhere) that Prop 31 piles things into the already-overburdened state constitution which would be just fine as laws. 

The Bee’s is a commendable editorial stance.  It might not sit well with the reform-at-any-cost brigade, but the paper’s editorial board is right to demand that any reform should be more rational, better thought-out, and more comprehensive than what California Forward has offered residents of the Golden State in Prop 31. 

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