Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kampala in Pictures

In response to the overwhelming demand which was threatening to swamp my inbox (okay, it was one person, but I aim to please), here are some photos from Kampala.

There are shops like these both in town and along the roads between them where you can get a snack, top up your mobile phone, or get directions.

 Lots of spots like these, with grains, fruits and vegetables.  Later in the evening, they’ll be cooking chicken and corn on the sidewalk.

Ugandan staples, on nice orange linen, no less.  Clockwise from top: spinach-like greens (sukuma in Kenya), rice with groundnut sauce, posho (or ugali in Kenya and Tanzania), sweet potatoes, matoke, and beans in the middle.

A side-view of Kampala traffic, featuring bodas and taxis (no, the black and white isn’t an attempt to be means that I came from work and my camera was on ‘document’ setting).

Some mild traffic in Kampala.  By 4 or 5pm things are a little more hectic.
Old Kampala, my section of town.

A section of the taxi park.  Rumour has it there’s order amidst the chaos.  I’m not buying it. 

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