Sunday, April 3, 2011

Springtime in Berkeley

One of the greatest pleasures of spring (it’s simple, you’re forewarned) is venturing up to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, to see what’s changed since the winter months.  This year I haven’t spent much time in the garden.

In the fall I visited with my parents, and we admired the forests and algae pond.

In February, the wonderful South African garden was already looking splendid, and the walk up to the Botanical Garden takes you past Strawberry Canyon’s own attractions.

 Today I was in luck.  The weather was spectacular, the views amazing.

It is also Newt season.  ‘Honey, there are some newts screwing!’ I heard a middle-aged man call to his wife from the Japanese pond.  I hastened down to see if any of them was named Gingrich, but apparently not...

  The textures...
Forest Oak, New South Wales
Cycas Ophiolitica, Queensland

Red Angels' Trumpet, Peru
From the South African Garden
American White Birch
Queensland Bottle Tree, Queensland
King Protea, South Africa

And location all make the garden a real treasure.

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  1. Gingrich isn't the kind of newt that's fond of public fornication--he kinda wants that stuff banned.

    (Great pics Jeff!)