Saturday, December 4, 2010

Labour hypocrisy on tuition fees in Britain

Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party, has declared that raising tuition at English universities constitutes an act of "cultural vandalism". This would be commendable if Miliband were not hypocritically promoting a Graduate Tax as the best solution.

While I think that Miliband was probably the best leader Labour could have chosen, he needs to get serious about making the Labour Party a force for promoting equality. It is not enough that he react to Coalition (i.e. Tory) policy...he has got to set an agenda of some kind. A major obstacle to that will likely be his own choice of Shadow Chancellor. Alan Johnson, whether through dullness or design, has been seen to undermine Miliband in a number of public statements lately.

Nonetheless, it is to be hoped that a large number of Liberal Democrats, led by the likes of Simon Hughes, Menzies Campbell and Charles Kennedy, will not simply abstain from the Commons vote on tuition fees on 9 December, but will vote against Coalition policy.

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